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The brand is well famous for its brand of the cereals. As one might expect, demographic segmentation variables are amongst the most popular bases for segmenting customer groups. However, a number of generic market segment systems also exist, e. Kellogg is involved in many promotional activities.

Apples want people that will pay more money for a better computer or other things like that. Special offers are also other marketing techniques applied by the Kellogg Company.

The process to serve the common needs of one or more segments, a company Kellogg geographic segmentation its marketing efforts, which is known as Segmenting.

Kellogg produced more than 30 million promotional packs and these packs included free gifts like mini Lightsabers TM as well as consumers can also get the Lightsabers signed by actor Christopher Lee.

In places where the firm has a very strong share in market or has been functioning for a very long time and has also positioned itself like very expensive and healthy food, this strategy is also followed in some places like United States.

Areas in which this price discrimination is seen range Kellogg geographic segmentation transportation to pharmaceuticals. It has to be large enough to earn profit.

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Describe, and thoroughly analyze the market segments for Kellogg Company. People that are interested in music.

Segmenting targeting and Positioning

This is why the purpose of this report is to explain how marketers segment the breakfast cereals using a combination of demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural variables.

Older age people are also the target consumers of Kellogg as it produces cereals which are nutritious and healthy as well as tasty Clements, M Kellogg targets such segment through its special segmentation procedure.

Indeed, the speciality of Protein Plus has a slight cinnamon taste that is not too sweet so as there is no need to add any sugar to it when eating it with milk. Special K It has applied appropriate marketing and promotional strategies to achieve its leadership position.

Consumers are the main focus of promotions of Kellogg. Kellogg uses many promotional activities like advertising, event management, above the line promotion and below the line promotion. Here bad ads mean those ads which are not according to the legal requirement of the country.

Understanding who consumers are requires companies to divide consumers into groups based on variables such as gender, age, income, social class, religion, race or family lifecycle [insert diagram g]. Breakfast Cereal Marketing Essay 1.


For example, whether the product will be used alone or in a group, or whether it is being purchased as a present or for personal use. With the help of its high quality products and marketing strategies Kellogg has become largest cereal manufacturing company of the world Johnson, L Availability of the products at the right time is very essential in making product a brand.

Kellogg's has the main market within United States, Australia and Canada. Similarly, Finance and production department also face challenges in branding of the company Rooney, J Special K Protein Plus is a high protein cereal with low carbohydrates and healthy fibre intake compared with the other flavours of cereals including chocolatey delight and red berries.

Generally office going people need ready to eat breakfast and Kellogg fulfills their requirement very easily and thus makes it brand image. Its ongoing "Project K" efficiency and effectiveness program began Kellogg geographic segmentation and will continue through to Positioning is important since it is a way by which products and services can be differentiated from one another and so give consumers a reason to buy.

Distinct segments can have different industry structures and thus have higher or lower attractiveness Once a market segment has been identified via segmentationand targeted in which the viability of servicing the market intendedthe segment is then subject to positioning. Although industrial market segmentation is quite different from consumer market segmentation, both have similar objectives.

Aliens within the same demographic group can exhibit very different psychographic profiles. Many consumers are health conscious while having their breakfast and Kellogg takes care of these people as well and it segmented them as shape management.

The firm has potential to imprison new markets that are yet left unexploited. Kellogg used special offers, prizes to attract its target consumers in this event and got the success as well. Biscuits can be consumed along with beverages like tea and coffee or as it is.

Kellogg also divided its market into six segments and this segmentation is mainly based on the behavioral factors of the consumers. Whenever a company goes for a promotional activity it is required to fulfill the legal requirements of the promotions and consumer law according to that particular country.

Market drivers boosting the growth of global biscuits market share are rapid urbanization, growth in disposable income, and leading sedentary lifestyles. y Geographic segmentation segments the market into different geographical units such as: Nation States Region Countries Cities Neighborhoods y One of major geographic segmentation variables for marketers is the division of markets into rural & urban areas.

income. spending power and availability of. · Market segmentation is the process of breaking your total target audience into separate groups of customers with similar traits or interests. The characteristics used in Market segmentation is a core marketing technique that can help you accomplish precisely that.

Kellogg Co Segments

Market Segmentation is the grouping together of smaller subsets of people within your customer and audience-base who share common Kellogg’s world-renowned experts teach you how to win in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace by turning consumer insights into an effective marketing  · Launched in the UK in (Kellogg’s Special K, ), Special K is a nutritious low-fat, ready to eat diet cereal that owes its eminent market position to the enhanced marketing choices made by the Kellogg marketers (Kellogg Company, ,) Kellogg¶s cannot sell or promote its products that are not good to eat in hot climate areas and vice versa.

climate etc. geographic characteristic define useful segmentation for business markets.e. Geographic Segmentation: As with consumer market.1/5(2).

Kellogg geographic segmentation
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